As I was strolling through Facebook statuses today I stumbled on an article that really caught my attention. 11-year-old Willow Smith gets tongue pierced. The article went on to say that mom and dad said that they want their kids to be able to make their own decisions early on. Now I agree with them to some extinct, but I draw the line at piercings.

What happened to “letting your kids be kids”, let’s be real here, do u really want your children making a decision like that. Let them make their own decisions when it comes to their education (unless it’s about dropping out), career, and to some extinct clothing. The idea of seeing my 11-year-old cousins with their tongue, nose, or any other body part pierced would piss me off. When I heard that my 16 year old cousin got a tattoo I was pissed off because I know he isn’t old enough by law to be marking his body like that. If you give them permission to do that, then you are opening the door for them to make decisions that could lead to drugs, and other negative activities. Boundaries need to be set before you give your kids these kind of responsibilities. Let them know how far you would let their decision-making go, even if it was fake they should have said NO.

In my opinion they should have told her NO, and let her know that tongue piercings are for adults not little kids. They should have told her to think about the image she portraying to other little girls and boys who look up to her as a role model. This decision could cause her to lose some fans because of the message she sending out to them. If I had kids they wouldn’t have got my signature. Stop letting your kids grow up so fast. Set boundaries so that they will always know who the adult is in the family. Just because they have jobs in the entertainment business don’t mean anything. I’m just saying.




One thought on “BOUNDARIES”

  1. Damn that don’t make no sense. Like so what she is a singer and so what she is doing her thang and is getting money. I don’t give a dang about how much money she get and how much singing she does that don’t mean that she gonna do what she wants because i’ll be damned if my sisters get some peircings. EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE. But I agree with the Tru4lyfe

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