Chad Ochocinco Johnson MUGSHOT

OMG! Chad and Evelyn are already fighting after being married for only a month. I must say that she knew that was bound to happen. I remember her and Chad having a discussion about him and other females after she saw him having lunch with an old acquaintance. So imagine my surprise when I heard and read that they got into an argument after dinner about a receipt that she found for a box of condoms. Upon her discovery the couple had an argument that ended with Chad in handcuffs and Evelyn at a hospital. Does anyone remember when former best friend (Jennifer Williams) got slapped by Niya Crooks, and the devil (Evelyn Lozada Johnson) of VH1 hit show Basketball Wives (they should change the title to Basketball Exes), said that Jennifer got what she deserved and now Jennifer can sit back and laugh at her BUTT. You can read the story here.


Well, well, well it seems like Evelyn has finally met her match “literally”. Chad tried to explain the situation as a simple misunderstanding. Maybe or maybe not, we weren’t there to see what went down in their front yard, but something did happen and now we’re left wondering how long this marriage is going to last. I mean if your husband is out buying a box of condoms and you know he don’t wear any when you to are together, then who is he wearing it with? Remember Chad “what’s done in the dark, comes to the light”.

next month lets head butt
Wedding photo

I don’t support domestic violence but everyone has to find humor in every situation. If you don’t then your bound to stress yourself out. If this is just a misunderstanding then all will end well once they get things straighten out at the courthouse. Chad I would hate for you to lose everything you worked so hard for because of a misunderstanding, and Evelyn if he really meant to do it then take this as a warning of future abuse.



2 thoughts on “LETS DO THE HEAD BUTT BABY!!”

  1. She needs to move on and find a new guy. I just want to say that she knew what she was about to get into before she was married. I am not a fan of her. That individual tries to hard to act like she is everything. I just don’t like her.

    1. I agree with you on that. Maybe if we knew her personally we would understand her. She seems to petty and ignorant.

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