Divorce Time

I knew this marriage wouldn’t last long. Well reports are saying that Evelyn filed for a divorce after the weekend argument with her husband Chad of only ONE MONTH. Evelyn filed the papers siting “irretrievably broken” as the reason for the divorce. Immediately after Chad was arrested by the Davie Police he was kicked off the Miami Dolphins team. Chad and Evelyn also had a television show that was supposed to air next month on VH1. The show would have been about the whole wedding planning process that the couple went through, however, VH1 pulled the plug on the show.



Many people have been comparing Chad and Evelyn’s marriage and pending divorce to that of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian short wedding, which only lasted 2 months. Well Evelyn looks like Kim got 1 month over you. Evelyn also pressed charges against Chad stating that she “is afraid of her husband”.


Its all over now

It is officially over now. I knew and saw this coming ever since she announced that she was in engaged to Chad. I guess she should call Jennifer and ask her how she does it. Next time listen to your friend when she say she thinks your rushing into things because its obvious she knew what was best for you. Enough said.



One thought on “Divorce Time”

  1. Is it all over for real. Like if there is one thing that I have to say is that they are just too much for each other. Something else that I want to say is that you are a funny writer. So I will give it to you. You are a funny woman. hahahahaaha it’s all over now(sadly)
    I know Jenn and Kenya are somewhere laughing.

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